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BLS International Services centers in UAE and IVS Global Services Ltd will remain closed on December 2, 2014 on the occasion of the UAE’s National Day.

BLS International Services centers in UAE and IVS Global Services Ltd will remain closed on December 2, 2014 on the occasion of the UAE’s National Day.

All the above offices would resume work on normal timings from December 3, 2014.

Consulate General of India, Dubai will remain closed on (Tuesday) December 2, 2014

Consulate General of India, Dubai will remain closed on (Tuesday) December 2, 2014 on the occasion of the UAE’s National Day. BLS International Services centers in UAE and IVS Global Services Ltd will also remain closed on December 2, 2014.

All the above offices would resume work on normal timings from December 3, 2014.

Tourist Visa on Arrival

Government of India introduces Tourist Visa on Arrival to UAE citizens

Government of India has extended the ‘Tourist Visa on Arrival’ (TVoA) facility to citizens of 43 countries from the existing 11countries currently. The UAE is one among the newly added countries to the list. Diplomatic, Official, Special, and Service passports will not be covered under this facility.
How to apply?
Tourist Visa on Arrival’(TVoA) enabled by Electronic travel Authorization (ETA)
Once the applicant submits an online application, along with a copy of his/her passport and a photograph and other requirements, within 72 hours, the applicant will know if the visa application has been approved through his e-mail.
The approved copy of “electronic travel authorization (ETA)” received via email, can be presented only at one of the nine international airports across India while travelling to India. At the airport, an immigration official will take the required biometrics and once the verification is complete, the visa will be stamped at the immigration.
Point of Entry
The ETA will be accepted only at the nine international airports namely Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Kolkata, Bengaluru, Goa, Hyderabad, Kochi and Thiruvananthapuram.
Features of the visa
This visa will have a maximum validity of 30 days with single entry from the date of approval of ETA.

Terms and conditions
The sole purpose of visiting India on tourist visa on arrival should only be for recreation, sightseeing, visit to meet friends or relatives, short duration medical treatment or casual business visit etc.
• Foreigners of the above 43 countries who hold an ordinary passport with maximum 6 months validity.
• Foreigners traveling on passport other than ordinary passport such as Diplomatic, Official, Special, and Service passports are not eligible for the TVoA Service.
• Should not have a residence or occupation in India.
• The applicant should be of assured financial standing (the production of return ticket and availability of sufficient money to spend during his/her stay in India).
• International travelers having Pakistani passport or Pakistani origin may please apply for regular visa at Indian Missions.
Instruction for TVoA enabled byETA
• Applicants may apply online at
• TVoA links may also be found in websites of Ministry of Tourism, Ministry of Home Affairs, Ministry of External Affairs and the Bureau of Immigration. The online application should be submitted minimum four days in advance and maximum 30 days of the proposed date of travel.
• Recent front facing photograph with white background and photo page of passport to be uploaded while applying.
• A fee of US $60/- (Plus bank transaction charges) per passenger to be paid online for the grant of ETA for Tourist-Visa-on-Arrival.
• Fees once paid is not refundable under any circumstances.
• Online application will be processed only after fee is paid online.
• Decision on TVoA will be conveyed by email. Therefore, applicants are advised to ensure that correct email address is provided.
• Applicant can also track the status of their application online on the TVoA website by selecting the link “Visa Status”, and entering their Application ID number and Passport number.
• Applicant should carry a copy of ETA along with him/her at the time of travel.
• Tourist Visa on Arrival once is non-extendable, non-convertible and not valid for visiting Protected/Restricted or Cantonment Areas.
• Biometric details of the applicant will be mandatorily captured at the TVoA counter at the Airport at the time of arrival in India.
• This facility is in addition to the existing Visa Services.





Pravasi Bharatiya Divas – 2015

The 13th Pravasi Bhartiya Divas (PBD) marks exactly 100 years since Mahatma Gandhi returned to India from South Africa on 9 January, 2015.

Pravasi Bharatiya Divas (PBD) is celebrated on 9th January every year to celebrate the achievements of, and acknowledge the contributions in the development of India by, the Overseas Indian community.

This year the event scheduled is to be held from January 5-9th, 2015 at the Mahatma Mandir in Gandhinagar, Gujarat to mark the centenary of Mahatma Gandhi’s return to India.

Individuals of exceptional merit are honoured with the prestigious Pravasi Bharatiya Samman Award at this event to appreciate their role in India’s growth. The event also provides a forum for discussing key issues concerning the Indian Diaspora. The PBD-2015 will offer new synergies to Indian Diaspora to network & collaborate across sectors in different States.

This circular is advance information to all Indians/PIOs in order to make their plans to participate in PBD-2015.The detailed programme of PBD-2015 is being prepared and will be shared on the CGI website in due course.

Shri Anurag Bhushan, Hon’ble Consul General of India inaugurates the India Pavillion at the BIG 5 at DWTC on Nov 17, 2014

H.E. Shri Anurag Bhushan, Consul General of India inaugurating The Cotton Textiles Export Promotion Council of India on Nov 16, 2014

Video Gallery

Indian Community Members along with other dignataries

H.E Sushma Swaraj, Minister of External Affairs & Overseas Indian Affairs, meets HH Sheikh Saif Bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Interior of the UAE at GHQ of Abu Dhabi Police on Nov 11, 2014

H.E Mrs. Sushma Swaraj along with H.H. Sheikh Nahyan Bin Mubarak Al Nahyan, Minister for Culture, Youth and Community Devepoment

H.E. Mrs. Sushma Swaraj, Hon’ble Minister of External Affairs & Overseas Indian Affairs, Govt of India & H.H. Sheikh Nahyan Bin Mubarak Al Nahyan Hon’ble Minister Of Culture, Youth & Social Development, Govt. of UAE at the reception in Grand Hyatt on Nov 12, 2014

H.E Mrs Sushma Swaraj, Hon’ble Minister of External Affairs and Overseas Indian Affairs being received by Mr. Shihab Ahmed Al Fahim, Chief of Protocol, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, UAE, on 10th Nov, 2014 at Dubai Airport.

Consul General, Mr. Anurag Bhushan with H.E. Major General Mohammed Ahmed Al-Marri, Director of General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs, Dubai, on Nov 2, 2014

Consulate’s Facebook contest winners with the Consul General Shri Anurag Bhushan during the prize distribution ceremony held at the Consulate on Oct 2, 2014.

PIO Notifications

PART I—Section 1

No. 233] NEW DELHI, TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 30, 2014/ASVINA 8, 1936

New Delhi, the 30th September, 2014

No. 25024/9/2014-F.I.—In the notification of the Government of India in the Ministry of Home Affairs number 26011/4/98-F.I dated the 19th August, 2002, published in the Gazette of India, Extraordinary, Part I, Section 1, dated the 19th August, 2002, the Central Government hereby makes the following amendments in the Scheme for issuance of Person of Indian Origin Card (PIO Card) Scheme, 2002, namely:—
1. (1) This scheme may be called the Scheme for issuance of Person of Indian Origin Card (PIO Card) Amendment Scheme, 2014.
(2) It shall come into effect on the date of its publication in the Official Gazette.
2. In the Scheme for issuance of Person of Indian Origin Card (PIO Card) Scheme, 2002,—
(a) for paragraph 6, the following paragraph shall be substituted, namely :—
“6. Validity of PIO Card: A PIO Card issued to an applicant shall be valid for his life time from the date of its issue provided that such applicant has a valid passport.
Explanation.—For the purpose of this paragraph, it is hereby clarified that a PIO Card which has been issued prior to the date of publication of this notification shall be deemed to be valid for life time of its holder subject to the condition that such person has a valid passport.”
(b) In paragraph 9,—
(i) In sub-paragraph (ii), the words and figures “ if his stay on any single visit in India does not exceed 180 days” shall be omitted;
(ii) sub-paragraph (iii) shall be omitted;
(iii) sub-paragraph (iv) shall be renumbered as sub-paragraph (iii).

Guidelines for issuance of Short Validity Passport (SVP)

The International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO) has set a deadline of the 24th November 2015 for globally phasing out all non-Machine Readable Passports (MRPs). From 25th November 2015 onwards, foreign Governments may deny visa or entry to any person travelling with a non-MRP passport.
Pursuant to the above, the Ministry has issued latest guidelines for the fee for issuance of Short Validity Passport (SVP) to be collected as per the following rates with immediate effect:

• In case of SVP with validity ((0-5years), the current fee (AED 190) applicable for renewal of minor’s passport (36) pages will be charged.

• For passports having the validity of more than 5years but less than 10 years (Validity of normal passports), the fee (AED 285) prescribed for a normal validity passport will be charged as full validity passport will be issued.

• For more details related to passport services, Passport website ( or the National Call Centre (toll free number 1800-258-1800) may be accessed.

Dignitaries along with Ambassador Shri T.P. Seetharaman and Consul General Shri Anurag Bhushan during the inauguration of Make in India campaign by PM Shri Narendra Modi

The Make in India campaign inauguration attended by members from various Consulates and Business councils

Audience attentively listening to PM Sh Narendra Modi’s speech during the ‘Make in India’ campaign on September 25, 2014


Following is the free English rendering of Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi’s speech on the occasion of ‘Make in India’ initiative, here today.
“Dignitaries on the dais, my colleagues in the Council of Ministers, Captains of Industry, and my friends here and abroad where this programmes is running simultaneously .
First of all I would like to apologise as I can see that many business leaders could not find a place to sit in the auditorium, I apologise to you for this inconvenience. One of the reasons for this inconvenience is that this auditorium is not used to such gathering.
I was listening to all the business leaders. Our Minister also discussed the works done in recent times, major initiatives were presented before you by a film also. After listening and hearing so much I don’t think that there is a need for me to convince you any further for ‘Make in India’.
What happened in years gone by? Whomsoever I met in last two three years, everybody said that we have to leave, have to shift business from here have to shift industry from here. I never saw anything political in that nor planned to take any political mileage out of it. It used to hurt me. What has happened to my country that my own countrymen are compelled to leave.
Today, when I have brought this ‘Make in India’, I don’t want that any industrialist or any entrepreneur should feel compelled to leave. That situation has to change. I speak from the experience of past few months that circumstances have changed. People in industry had lost self-confidence. They felt that they will not be able to face competition and had no way out. When a person loses self confidence it is very difficult to prop him up again. Secondly, his trust was broken – ‘you never know what policy will the Government bring, never know when what policy will change, when will CBI come knocking’. This is what I have heard from you people.
It is a must that there should be rule of law. There should be an atmosphere of corporate government responsibility on the lines of corporate social responsibility. But at the same time there are responsibilities of government.
Just now Devesh ji was saying that money does not come by invitation only. I agree with that. The biggest requirement is trust, confidence. I don’t know how we have run our country that we have doubted our own countrymen at every turn. I need to change this vicious cycle. We should not start from distrust, we should begin with trust and government should intervene only if there is some shortcoming. When we take such decisions people think that this is no grand vision. Now a day, I am often hearing and reading this. When my government decides about self-certification you may feel this to be a very small decision. There cannot be bigger decision than deciding to trust the authenticity of 125 crore countrymen. You have always doubted him, he certifies and you tell him to get certification from a gazetted officer. And what does gazetted officer say – if it is urgent give me this much, and if you have time then that much. Can’t we trust our own countrymen? After all who is government for? Government is for common people, for every citizen. And this beginning of change does not stop here. It goes up to Income Tax Department also. As business community is sitting here I am talking of Income Tax Department.
I mean that it is the mantra of my Government, our first commitment- we want to move while trusting every citizen. This atmosphere of trust has the strength of changing the system. It is not that change can be brought only by making laws within the walls of Parliament. Outside too flow of change can be brought by awakening the hearts of every person.
These days FDI is in discussion and it is natural. I look at it slightly differently for Indian citizens also FDI is a responsibility, for 125 crore Indians, FDI is a responsibility. For entrepreneurs and businessmen of the world FDI is an opportunity. When I say that it is a responsibility for every Indian an opportunity for outsiders then my definition for FDI for Indians is – First Develop India. And to global business developers, I say India is an opportunity. For FDI we can move ahead on the journey of progress by taking this twin definition. There is a talk in the entire world, quite a mouth watering one, that India is a huge market. On first look this feeling is natural. I am not an economist but the industrialist, who considers India to be big market, has he ever thought that what is the purchasing power of that market. What is the purchasing power of the citizen, has it gone up? Even if the number of people is high, without purchasing power and pocket with no depth, the world will fritter away this opportunity. Therefore, I would like to tell the global industries that don’t consider India to be just a market. You should see every Indian citizen for his potential. The faster the bulk of Indian middle class increases, the faster people move from poverty to middle class, the faster will be their conversion into a favourable market for the world.
What needs to be done to increase the bulk of middle class? Straight answer is that opportunities for employment will have to be made available. If you come from outside and don’t bother about industrial development, manufacturing sector and don’t create employment opportunities, this loop will never complete. That is why, when we talk of Make in India, we are not just offering a competitive situation. When we talk of Make in India, we give you an opportunity to create a huge market for your product. After all, handsome buyer is equally important as cost effective manufacturing. You may produce as many Maruti cars but nothing will happen if there is no buyer.
For this, we need to bring some changes in Indian economy. In this change, on the one hand, manufacturing growth is to be promoted, at the same time we need to ensure that direct benefit goes to the youngsters of India. He should get employment so that there is improvement in the economic situation of even the poorest family. These poor should move towards middle class and there purchasing power should improve. This will lead to manufacturing growth and growth of the market.
This is a cycle. And important measure has been taken to move this cycle forward. This is a lion’s step. Lion’s step – Make in India. When I talk of it and I am speaking from my Chief Ministers experience, industrialists don’t come due to some fancy incentive scheme. One can say you will get this or that, will make this tax free or that tax free. Incentives don’t work. We need to create development and growth oriented environment. This is government’s responsibility. People in government, financial institutions need to concentrate on all these systems. Then only investor will have a sense of security. Investor first wants security of his investment. Growth and profit come later. He doesn’t seek profit the first day. For profit, he has other 50 companies. Government’s effort is, we have taken continuous measures; we want to reassure you that your money will not sink.
Secondly what more does he want? These days there is a ranking for ease of doing business. Recently I met World Bank Chairman. He was also expressing this worry. Probably we were 135th in the world at that time. What hinders ease of doing business? If we have to come to 50 from 135 then Government alone can do this. If Government brings transparency in its decisions and rules, pushes works with simplicity we can occupy number 50 from 135 in ease of doing business. I have sensitized my entire team and I have asked whether we are not placing obstacles in the name of scrutiny and more perfection? On the basis of my three months’ experience I can say that my entire team in the Government, my entire bureaucracy is moving two steps ahead of me in this positive thinking. Why is this an strength? He is convinced that this opportunity has come his way and he does not want to lose this.
Entire world is looking towards Asia. I don’t need to waste time in inviting, I just need to make some efforts in giving the address that this is the place. He is ready to come. Entire world is ready to come. They just don’t know where to come in Asia. Then he thinks where is democracy, where is demographic dividend, where is demand in huge quantity? If these three are available in any part of the globe then this will be India. All three are available together and being used positively. If we use democracy, demographic dividend and demand properly then I am sure that there will be no need to give India’s address to the world. Many Vasco da Gamas will appear in every nook and corner and will come looking for India. He needs effective governance. Just government is not sufficient but a feeling of government is needed. If somebody comes knocking, he should feel that his problem will find a solution here or he will get guidance on what route to take – effective governance. I am not talking of just good governance I am also talking of effective governance. There is a need to emphasise two important pillars.
If industries are to be established then skilled manpower will be needed. This skilled manpower should be as per the requirement. If there are possibilities for textile industry somewhere and if we are doing skilled development for engineering then neither engineering skilled person will go there for job nor will the textile industry be helped. We have to do the mapping and we are doing. What are such clusters where there is natural potential of this sort? How to do human resource development for that potential? How to handle environmental issues there and on what points government should decide its foundation for sustainable growth? And if we are doing this then the effective governance can be obtained through skilled development.
Today, is there any synchronisation between the thinking of government, academic world, industry and the thinking of job seeking youngsters? I am sorry to say – No. We may want to develop tourism. But we may not have a system of developing guides in that village. Guide would be taught somewhere in Tamil Nadu and Taj Mahal would be in Agra. I mean to say that these are small things. If we do these focussed activities then circumstances may change.
Academic world should study that what kind of industry is possible in coming 20 years. If the entire world is focussed on eco-friendly environment technology, global warming then it flows that solar energy field has opened. If the solar energy field develops, then engineering college will get training for solar equipments. There will be requirement of skilled labour in the field; for that training may begin now itself. Solar related entrepreneurs should be informed of these arrangements, there is barren land near Barmer, come and establish solar power plant and give light to India. Government needs to facilitate in this networking exercise and when government becomes facilitator, desired results are obtained. Therefore, how to promote skilled development; we want to proceed with the model of public-private-partnership in this area.
If industrialists feel that industry needs certain type of trained manpower, we will say that take this ITI and train the manpower locally according to your needs. You will get a good worker for your industry and our ITI will start running. Our youngsters will get employment, his family will be strengthened and better purchasing power will help the economy. We need to push such a cycle. And perhaps that is why I have brought the issue of Ashok Chakra. How this can become a wheel in the journey of our economic development?
At the time of industrial revolution, we were lagged behind as we were slaves. Before that we were known as Golden Bird. That opportunity was lost. Now, a new era of economic regeneration has begun and that belong to Asia. It is our responsibility that how to make it belong to India.
Our greatest strength that 65% population is below 35. I don’t believe that after yesterday’s event, anybody will question our talent. No one can question talent of Indian youth after yesterday’s Mars achievement. Everything was indigenous. We should bring out photographs of the factories where these small parts were manufactured. In these seemingly small factories, every particle was manufactured that made Mars Mission successful. There is no dearth of talent. Mars success should be made an opportunity to make the world aware of Indian talent. It is not just that 65 % of the population is below 35, it is the fact that we have talented and capable manpower.
Second point is Digital India. Corporate world, industrial world and private life is moving fast with digital world. If government and official system lags behind, I can imagine how wide chasm will be created. Entire social system on one side and government on the other. We have taken up the mission of Digital India to bridge this chasm. Why not entire governance should go towards mobile governance.

You will be surprised that in my first ten days I asked ‘please tell me why there are 10 pages in the forms filled in Government. You must be filling those forms, not you, your staff members must be doing it. I told them on the first day that make it one page and I am happy many departments have done it. There is no reason, all these things are available. We keep on demanding again and again. I mean to say that like ease of business, we also need easy and effective governance. Every persons should have his details on the tip of his fingers. These are the things which enable us to move forward.

For a long time Look-East policy is under discussion, everyone is talking about it. This is a good occasion, along with Look East, I would like to talk about link-West. Look-East is on one side and Link-West on the other and we are linking the both from the middle. We can establish our economic structure on a new platform from here. Whatever is the best in the world, why we should not have it? This should be the mood of the nation.

New avenues of business are opening. Please note down my words. I do not know what you have thought. May be some small companies must have thought of it. In the coming days there is big business opportunity in India of creating wealth from waste. We wish to take the work of solid waste management and waste water treatment forward through public private partnership. By generating electricity from waste, garbage of the village you can sell electricity by becoming owner of electricity factory. This big revenue model is coming. We should start thinking I have seen that those who do forward thinking…..many big multinational companies came out to sell vegetables. Because they knew how big is the market. Similarly big companies are likely to come for this wealth from waste. The cleanliness movement that we have started will open many new opportunities. I am inviting interested entrepreneurs. Even small municipalities should come with this revenue model. We invite you.

Opportunities are many, Infrastructure sector is also important as manufacturing sector is important. Now India cannot be run on that infrastructure if we have to reach our desired destination. Earlier, when there was talk of infrastructure, it was over with discussion on Rail, road, port and airport. We have to move towards next generation infrastructure.
We need highways similarly we need ‘Iways’ too. When I say ‘Iways’, I mean information ways and that is for digital India. If there are electric grids, we need gas grids and water grids too. We also need optical fibre networks. We are dreaming of an India where private sector has ample opportunities to try their luck.

How do we update ourselves from where we are presently on Public Private Partnership? How to go into unchartered areas? We kept our focus confined to port development. Demand of the time is to move towards port led development. With ports there should be cold storage network, roads, rail, and an airport with port. Unless all this develops as a cluster, we can’t make a place for ourselves in the global market. Hence we wish to emphasize that. This is one big area where you can try your luck. Point is that infrastructure is not an issue of just luxury. If we have to develop tourism; it is estimated that tourism is the industry with the highest growth. Can India capture it? The tourism needs huge infrastructure. There is a big scope for hospitality industry, There are so many avenues, how to harness them?

That is why I submit, whosoever thought of going away , I say no need to go anywhere. This country is yours, thrive here then think of stepping out, there is a different joy in that. There is no joy in going under compulsion. I want Indian companies to become multinational. Indian companies should have their arms elsewhere too. We want this. But we should strengthen our land. We must take steps to give employment to our youngsters. And this is a Government dedicated to development. For this government this is not a political agenda but an article of faith. That is why; I share my belief with you. When I was in Gujarat I used to say with confidence- same officer, same government, same office, same file and the same people, despite this world can be changed. I can say that after coming to Delhi also. The same office, officers, cars, files, and even ways of functioning, still they can be enlivened. India’s direction can be changed. India’s destiny can be changed. I move forward with this confidence.
One of the biggest obstacle in our journey is this that if a decision is made by the centre most of the implementations are taken care of by the states. If there is lack of understanding between the two, the industrialists is at loss whether to go to Delhi or to the State Government. He remains confused. Now, this confusion will no longer be there. I believe that states’ development is for India only. If investment comes in the States, it comes in India also. States and Centre should work collectively, shoulder to shoulder as a team. If centre gets a proposal then centre should go to the State on its own and ask how we can help together. If a State gets a proposal that needs Centre’s help the State should come to the centre without any hesitation, they should find solution together and things move forward. This great need has come up, to meet this, Centre and the States will have to come together.

We often talk of current account deficit, export-import imbalance. Just ask any State, have you done any activity for export promotion- none. They think it to be the job of the centre. Immediately after coming to Delhi, I called the States. I told them that manufacturing is with you. Please bolster their confidence so that they can feel like exporting, Government of India’s rules and policies could be utilized by him. If we will work together, the Industrialist will feel empowered and he will sell abroad. Is the External Affairs Ministry is of any use to him He is sitting in some remote corner of a State making oil engine. Who is bothered? He is living by his hard work. Now, whether it is the State or the Centre, as a facilitator of export, we have decided to take up this role aggressively and pro actively. Now, see what difference will it make ! If we say ‘Make in India’, we are ready to stand with you as a facilitator to capture global market. There are many fields like this.

We called financial institutions. See how change comes. Recently we took up the movement of connecting the poorest of the poor to a bank account, keeping in mind inclusive growth. Not that it was not done earlier. Initially people said it was done during our time, not any longer. Because they realise that by saying so it will be revealed that they failed. You can imagine that Bank people opened four crore accounts in such short period. I had said that the accounts could be opened with zero balance. I am amazed that people have deposited 1500 crore rupees. If despite a zero balance offer, people deposit 1500 crore during opening of accounts, this indicates trust. This is the power of trust. Banking sector people moving with such speed can become a standard for the Government moving so fast. Financial Institutions should also get involved in the growth and development. World spread at grass root level, we are making efforts to take this journey ahead in every corner.

I mean, today ‘Make in India’ is not a mere slogan or an invitation, it is our responsibility. If we move forward with determination, world will come looking for us, have faith. For this we need to stress both FDIs. ‘First Develop India’ at the same time ‘Foreign Direct Investment’.

All of you took out time for this and got associated with us at the time of such a big initiative. Many guests have come from abroad too. In many countries of the world, and all States this is being live telecast by embassies and business chambers. There also people are participating. I assure you that we collectively fulfil our responsibilities in this concept of ‘Make in India’. We move ahead and attain new heights in manufacturing sector and provide jobs to poor youth of India. With employment poor will give new momentum to the wheels of Indian economy. With this belief, best wishes to all. Navaratri wishes to all.

In my personal life, in my political journey too today is very significant. Today is 25th September, Birth Anniversary of Pandit Deen Dayal Upadhyaya, who ideas and thought inspired us to begin our political journey. Who gave Integral Humanism philosophy to the world. On the birth anniversary of such a great man, who lived and strived for the country, I have got the chance to dedicate Make in India in feet of such a man. We are determined to fulfil that dream.

Navratri is a festival of ‘Shakti Sanchay’ (strength accumulation). On this occasion of ‘Shakti Sanchay’ , India should also do Shakti Sanchay and become a powerful nation. Move forward with this dream, with this prayer, my best wishes to all.

Thank you.

“Make in India”

The Honorable Prime Minister of India, Shri Narendra Modi will be inaugurating the ‘Make in India’ campaign in New Delhi on 25th September that will be streamed live on the web. This will serve as an occasion to unveil Prime Minister’s vision to have a strong, vigorous and dynamic manufacturing sector that will be central to India’s economic growth. The theme of the event will be centered on the upcoming industrial corridors in India.

Towards this, I on behalf of Consul General of India, H.E Shri Anurag Bhushan would like to invite you for a breakfast meet from 7.45 am – 10.00 am on Thursday, 25th September at the Consulate auditorium, during which the above mentioned live streaming will be held followed by panel discussions around the same theme.

H.E T.P Seetharam, Ambassador of India to UAE will preside over the event and we are looking forward to hosting dignitaries from various Consulates in Dubai, local organizations, established business houses, senior analysts and senior members from the media.

We invite you to cover this event.

Floods in India – Relief efforts and details of the Control Room and Help Lines

The rescue and evacuation of marooned and stranded people in flood hit Kashmir valley is continuing for the 7th Day under the coordinated efforts of National Disaster Response Force teams of Government of India with active participation by Armed forces, India Railways, IOC etc. The Govt. of India is constantly monitoring the situation and according to the Home Minister 30000 – 35000 people have already been rescued as on 3.48 pm today.
The NDRF has opened a page

NDRF page

, in its website where real time information is provided regarding missing people. As for relief up to 1300 hrs today, 5 tonnes of relief material has been distributed.
To assist the victims of this natural disaster, actively monitor and coordinate the rescue and relief operations, Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) of the Government of India has set up control rooms in Delhi and in the state of Jammu & Kashmir (J&K). Contact numbers of these control rooms are as follows:
MHA control room numbers for help and assistance in J&K:
0091-11- 23093054, 23092763, 23092923, 23092885, 23093566, 23093563.

Flood Control Rooms:
• Jammu & Kashmir House, New Delhi: 0091-011-24611210 and 24611108
• Srinagar: 0091-194-2452138
• Jammu: 0091-191-2560401
• National Disaster Relief Control Room, Delhi: 0091-11-26107953; mobile 09711077372; Email for J&K relief and rescue.
In addition Consulate General of India has designated a local hotline number 050 7347676 for assistance related to information on affected members of the flood.
The Government of India has not sought any assistance in dealing with the situation, however, those interested in making voluntary contributions to assist the victims are advised to contribute directly either by Cheque / Demand Draft made in favour of “Prime Minister’s National Relief Fund (PMNRF)” and send it to the Prime Minister’s Office (PMO) in New Delhi, or make online contribution to the PMNRF on PMO’s website

PMNRF page

. Cheque/Demand Draft made in favour of PMNRF could also be sent to the Embassy of India, Abu Dhabi (addressed to Ambassador of India) or the Consulate General of India in Dubai (addressed to Consul General of India), which would be forwarded to the PMO in Delhi. Please note contributions in kind will not be accepted in the Embassy of India, Abu Dhabi or Consulate General of India in Dubai.

“Helplines for seeking assistance pertaining to flood crisis in Jammu and Kashmir”

From the Consulate information is provided through:
Mobile: 050 – 7347676

Home Ministry’s control room in New Delhi, the telephone numbers for which are:

(011) 23093054, 23092763, 23093564, 23092923, 23092885, 23093566, 23093563.

For information and assistance, these helpline numbers can also be contacted:

Delhi J&K House – 011 24611210 and 24611108;
Srinagar – 0194-2452138;
Jammu – 0191-2560401

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Visit of delegation led by HE Mr. Shivraj Singh Chauhan, Hon’ble Chief Minister of MP, 20-22 Aug,2014

A 10 member high level delegation from the Indian state of Madhya Pradesh (GoMP) led by HE Mr. Shivraj Singh Chauhan, Hon’ble Chief Minister of MP visited UAE from 20 – 22 August,2014.
Objective of the visit: The delegation that included senior ministers from the state such as HE Ms Yashodhara Raje Scindia , Minister of Industries and Commerce, HE Sh Kailash Vijayvargiya, Hon’ble Minister for Urban Administration & Housing-Envrionment and HE Mr. Umashanker Gupta, Minister of HRD , and other senior bureaucrats were on a road-show to promote the upcoming Global Investors Summit that is scheduled to happen from 8 – 10 October, 2014 at Indore and to attract investments to Madhya Pradesh.

On 20th August, the delegation, along with the Consul General Sh Anurag Bhushan visited the Emirates HQ where an MOU was signed between GoMP’s investment arm MPTRIFAC and Emirates Airlines regarding Emirates’ interest in commencing cargo carriers from Indore. The delegation was also briefed regarding the upcoming mega infrastructural projects related to Dubai Expo 2020 and the world’s first aerotropolis being currently constructed in Dubai. Later, the delegation visited the Nakheel Properties at Palm Jumeirah where they were given a presentation regarding Nakheel’s most famous ‘The Palm’ project. This was followed by a meeting between the delegation and the authorities at SMART city, where they explored the possibility of developing highly developed clusters in Madhya Pradesh in the likes of the ones in Dubai.

During the course of the day, the delegation reached out to the investors and the Indian community in Dubai during a networking lunch and dinner that was organized by Gulf Petrochem and IBPC respectively.
On 21 August, the delegation, accompanied by Ambassador of India to UAE, Shri T.P. Seetharam, visited Masdar City in Abu Dhabi wherein they received a comprehensive briefing about the establishment and ongoing development of Masdar city and its role in advancing renewable energy adoption from senior members of Masdar city’s management. During the meeting, and subsequent tour of Masdar city, the two sides explored the scope of cooperation in the development of such city in the state of Madhya Pradesh. The Masdar city visit was followed by a brief presentation to the visiting delegation on development and operation of Abu Dhabi-based Ferrari World’s indoor park by its General Manager in the Indian Embassy premises. During interaction-cum-lunch, hosted by Indian Ambassador, the delegation met with leading investors of UAE and explored the opportunities of investments in MP. Later on, in the interactive session with members of Indian Businessmen and Professional Group and representatives from UAE’s leading financial institutions and ICAI, Abu Dhabi chapter, held in the Indian Embassy, the delegation gave a brief presentation on investment opportunities in MP and provided information on upcoming Global Investors Summit 2014 in the State.

On 22nd August, the delegation visited DMCC where they interacted with the authorities and members of DMCC, who briefed them regarding the various aspects in commodity trading, especially in diamonds. It is worth mentioning here that Madhya Pradesh is the only diamond producing state in India. Following DMCC, the delegation held brief meetings with the authorities of EMAAR group who have been responsible for construction of landmark buildings such as Burj Khalifa and Dubai Mall. Apart from these meetings, the delegation had a networking Lunch with investors hosted by the Videocon Group and High-Tea with members of the Bohra community.

The Hon’ble Chief Minister and the delegation not only held the vision of the Rulers and the growth story of UAE in high regard but also appreciated the warm hospitality they received from the several authorities in UAE and the affection shown by the Indian community.

Guidelines for travelers returning from West African countires effected with Ebola Virus Disease

The guidelines and FAQ’s regarding Ebola Virus disease is available at the link below

Ebola Virus Disease


Fellow citizens:

On the eve of 67th anniversary of our Independence, I extend warm greetings to you and to all Indians around the world. I convey my special greetings to members of our armed forces, paramilitary forces and internal security forces. I also congratulate all our sportspersons, who have participated and won laurels in the recently-concluded Commonwealth Games held at Glasgow.

1. Freedom is a celebration; independence is a challenge. In the 68th year of freedom, we have reaffirmed the power of our individual and collective liberties by electing through a remarkably peaceful electoral process, a stable government with a clear majority for a single party, after three decades. The increase in voter turnout to 66 per cent from the last election’s 58 per cent shows the vitality of our democracy. This achievement has given us an opportunity to take up the challenge of governance by reforming the policies, practices and systems of governance so that the enormous aspirations of our people can be fulfilled with vision, commitment, integrity, speed and administrative capability.

2. Stagnant minds create immobile systems which become roadblocks to growth. India demands creative thinking in governance that enables fast-track development and ensures social harmony. The nation has to be placed above partisan impulses. The people come first.

3. In a democracy, good governance is exercise of power for efficient and effective management of our economic and social resources for the well-being of the people. This power has to be exercised within the framework of the Constitution through the institutions of state. With the passage of time and changes in the eco-system, distortions do appear making some institutions dysfunctional. When one institution does not function in the manner expected of it, phenomenon of overreach sets in. While some new institutions might become necessary, the real solution lies in re-inventing and restoring the existing ones to serve the purpose of effective government.

4. Good governance is critically dependent on rule of law, participatory decision-making, transparency, responsiveness, accountability, equity and inclusiveness. It calls for wider involvement of the civil society in the political process. It calls for deeper engagement of the youth with the institutions of democracy. It calls for quick dispensation of justice to the people. It calls for ethical and responsible behaviour from the media.

5. A country of our size, heterogeneity and complexity calls for culture-specific governance models. It calls for cooperation in the exercise of power and assumption of responsibility, by all stakeholders. It calls for constructive partnership between the state and the citizen. It calls for taking a responsive administration to the door step of every hut and habitation in the land.

Fellow Citizens:
6. The decisive challenge of our times is to end the curse of poverty. The focus of our policies now has to move from alleviation of poverty to elimination of poverty. The difference is not mere semantics: alleviation is a process; elimination is a time-defined objective. In last six decades, the poverty ratio has declined from over 60 per cent to less than 30 per cent. Even then, nearly one-third of our population still lives below the poverty line. Poverty is not a mere statistic. Poverty has a face, which becomes unbearable when it scars the visage of a child. The poor cannot, and will not, wait for yet another generation to see the very essentials of life – food, shelter, education and employment – being denied to them. The benefits from economic development must percolate down to the poorest of the poor.

7. In the last decade, our economy grew at an average rate of 7.6 per cent per year. Though the growth rate was subdued at below 5 per cent during the last two years, I sense renewed vigour and optimism in the air. Signs of revival are visible. Our external sector has strengthened. Fiscal consolidation measures are beginning to show results. Notwithstanding occasional spurts, inflation has started moderating. However, food prices still remain a matter of serious concern. Record food grains production last year helped agriculture sector to grow at a healthy 4.7 per cent. Employment has increased by an average of about 4 per cent per year in the last decade. Manufacturing sector is on the rebound. The stage is now set for our economy to move on a high growth trajectory of 7 to 8 per cent, which is essential to ensure the availability of adequate resources for equitable development.

Fellow Citizens:
8. Economy is the material part of development. Education is the essential part of it. A sound education system is the bedrock of an enlightened society. It is the bounden duty of our educational institutions to provide quality education and inculcate the core civilizational values of love for motherland; compassion for all; tolerance for pluralism; respect for women; performance of duty; honesty in life; self-restraint in conduct, responsibility in action and discipline in young minds. By the end of the Twelfth Five Year Plan, we would have achieved a literacy rate of eighty per cent. But would we be able to say that we have provided quality education and skills to our children to be good citizens and successful professionals?

Fellow Citizens:
9. Our thoughts are influenced by our environment. “Yadrishi Bhavana Yasya; Siddhir Bhavati Tadrishi”. It means, “Whatever are one’s thoughts, so will be the outcomes”. Clean environment breeds clean thoughts. Cleanliness is a mark of self-respect. Ancient travellers like Megasthenes in the 4th Century BC, Fa Hien in the 5th Century AD and Hiuen Tsang in the 7th Century AD, when they came to India, have written about the efficient administrative systems, with planned settlements and good urban infrastructure. What has gone wrong with us now? Why can’t we keep our environment free of filth? The Prime Minister’s call to honour the memory of Mahatma Gandhi on his 150th birth anniversary, by making India a clean country by 2019 is commendable, but it can be achieved only if each Indian converts this into a national mission. Every road, every path, every office, every home, every hut, every river, every stream, every particle in the air around us can be kept clean, if we but cared just a little. We must nurture nature, so that nature continues to nurture us.

My fellow citizens:
10. Though an ancient civilization, India is a modern nation with modern dreams. Intolerance and violence is a betrayal of the letter and spirit of democracy. Those who believe in the poison drip of inflammatory provocation do not understand India’s values or even its present political impulses. Indians know that progress, economic or social, is difficult without peace. This may be the appropriate moment to recall the great Shivaji’s letter to Aurangzeb when the latter imposed jizya. Shivaji told the emperor that Shah Jehan, Jehangir and Akbar could also have levied this tax “but they did not give place to bigotry in their hearts, as they considered all men, high and low, created by God to be examples of the nature of diverse creeds and temperaments”. This 17th century epistle of Shivaji carries a message, which is universal. It must become a living testament that guides our behaviour today.

11. We can least afford to forget this message at a time when an increasingly turbulent international environment has sparked off rising dangers in our region and beyond, some clearly visible, and some crawling out of the debris of unprecedented turmoil. Across parts of Asia and Africa, attempts are being made by radical militias to redraw the maps of nations to create a geography for theocratic ideology. India will feel the heat of blowback, particularly as it represents the values that reject extremism in all its manifestations. India is a beacon of democracy, equilibrium, inter-and-intra faith harmony. We must defend our secular fabric with vigour. Our security and foreign policies must combine the steel of strength with the velvet of diplomacy even as we persuade the like-minded as well as the hesitant to recognise the substantial dangers that breed within indifference.

Fellow Citizens:
12. Our Constitution is a consequence of our democratic culture, which reflects our ancient values. It pains me to note that this great national asset is becoming increasingly vulnerable to rash excess. Our right to freedom continues to flourish, and may that always be the case, but what about our duty to the people? I sometimes wonder: has our democracy become too noisy? Have we lost the art of contemplation and calm thinking? Is it not the time to restore the grandeur and glory of our institutions that have sustained and nourished our beautiful democracy? Should not Parliament again become the great hall of sombre thought and well-debated legislation? Should not our courts of law become temples of justice? This calls for collective action by all the stakeholders.

13. A nation is very young at 68. India has the will, energy, intellect, values and unity to claim the 21st century. The vision to win the battle of freedom from poverty is set; the journey will seem formidable only to those without conviction. As an old saying goes, “Sidhir Bhavati Karamja”, which means, “success is born of action”.

14. Now is the time for action!
Jai Hind.

Live streaming of Independence Day celebrations in India

Doodrashan will be live-streaming the Independence Day celebrations and the Prime Minister’s address from the Red Fort on 15th August 2014 from 06:25 AM (IST) onwards till the end of the ceremony.

The ceremony will be live-streamed on YouTube channel of Doordarshan

The live link is Doordardhan Youtube Page

Independence Day Celebration – 2014

All Indians and friends of India are invited to join the Independence Day Celebrations on Friday, 15th August 2014 from 0820 hrs to 0930 hrs at the Consulate General of India, Al Hamriya Diplomatic Enclave, Dubai. The flag hoisting will be at 0830 hrs, followed by a brief cultural programme.

Travel guide of banned items & Guidelines for bringing medicines & drugs to the UAE

Banned items by Dubai Customs include

1. All kinds of Narcotic drugs (Hashish, Cocaine, Heroin, Poppy Seeds, Hallucination Pills, etc.).
2. Goods intended to be imported from boycotted countries.
3. Goods from Israeli origin or bearing Israeli trademarks or logos
4. Crude Ivory and Rhinoceros horn.
5. Gambling tools and machineries.
6. Three layers fishing nets.
7. Original engravings, prints, lithographs, sculpture and statues in any material.
8. Used, reconditioned and inlaid tires.
9. Radiation polluted substances.
10. Printed publications, oil paintings, photographs, pictures, cards, books, magazines stony sculptures and mannequins which contradict Islamic teachings, decencies, or deliberately implying immorality or turmoil.
11. Any other goods, the importation of which is prohibited under the authority of U.A.E. customs laws or any other laws in the country.
12. Forged and duplicate currency.
13. Cooked and home-made foods.
Source: Dubai Customs.

Guidelines for bringing medicines & Drugs in UAE

1. As certain chemicals and drugs are banned in UAE, it is essential to check and ensure that the medicines which someone is carrying does not contain a banned or restricted substance. List of drugs and medicines banned in UAE are available on the website:
2. If for medical or emergency reasons one needs to carry any medicines, it should be ensured to have a medical prescription from a UAE licenced doctor. If treatment was undertaken outside UAE, one must carry both a doctor’s prescription as well as detailed medical report, both of which should be suitably attested.
3. Residents and non-resident patients can bring into the UAE a maximum of 3 month supply of prescription medicine, for their personal use.
4. Psychotropic medicines can be brought by non-residents to cover their personal consumption for a maximum of 3 month period.
5. Psychotropic medicines can be brought in by resident in a quantity sufficient for 1 month consumption. However, residents can bring a maximum 3 month supply if the medicine is not available in the UAE provided that they obtain the prior approval of the Drug Control Department
6. Resident and non-resident patients should not bring narcotic medicines into the country without the prior approval from the Ministry of Health. Each case will be studied and approved. A valid prescription and medical report from the concerned hospital or department will be required.
7. Medicines that arrive in the country via postal courier cannot be released to the patient unless the above requirements are fulfilled.
8. For more information related to restrictions on carrying of medicines, drugs and chemicals into UAE, one must check Dubai Customs website or beforehand.
9. Be careful of carrying in poppy seeds which are banned, so avoid accidentally carrying bakery products that might contain such seeds. Also banned is qat leaf, betel leaf or nuts, niswar, gutkha, which while admissible in some countries is not permitted in the UAE.

Consulate will remain closed on Monday, July 28, 2014 on account of Eid-Al Fitr

Consulate will remain closed on Monday, July 28, 2014 on account of Eid-Al Fitr

Passport Seva Divas


Security situation in Iraq

  1. The Government of India is deeply concerned with deteriorating security situation in Iraq, resulting out of recent attacks and taking over of some cities, including of Mosul and Tikrit by terrorist outfits since 8 June 2014, which is a direct threat to the security and territorial integrity of Iraq. The Government of India strongly condemns such attacks and firmly stands by the Government and the people of Iraq in their fight against international terrorism and in their efforts to preserve the unity and territorial integrity of the friendly country of Iraq.
  2. India remains strongly committed to the emergence of a stable, peaceful, united and democratic Iraq, which is in the interest of regional and global peace and security.
  3. The safety and security of the Indian nationals currently in Iraq remains a matter of serious concern for the Government of India. An advisory has been issued on 15 June, 2014 giving the details of a 24 hour helpline set up by the Indian Embassy in Baghdad for assistance of Indian nationals there.

New Delhi
June 16, 2014

Travel Advisory for Indian nationals in Iraq

In view of the precarious security situation prevailing in Iraq, Indian nationals are advised to avoid all travel to Iraq, until further notification.

Indian nationals in Iraq may consider leaving the country by commercial means if it is safe to do so. Our nationals living in areas affected by the ongoing armed conflict are advised to stay indoors as far as possible and are advised to remain in contact with our Embassy in Baghdad for necessary advice and updated information on the evolving security situation. Those nationals who do not have travel documents or need other consular services are advised to seek assistance from the Indian Embassy in Baghdad.

The Indian Embassy in Baghdad has set up a 24 hour helpline which can be accessed for information or assistance as per contact details given below:

Tel. No. +964 770 444 4899+964 770 444 4899 (Mobile)

Tel No. +964 770 484 3247+964 770 484 3247 (Mobile)



Swearing-in ceremony of the Prime Minsiter & Union Council of Ministers

Live streaming of swearing-in ceremony of the Prime Minister of India and the Union Council of Ministers will be available on May 26, 2014 (Monday) from 1730 hrs IST onwards on Ministry of External Affair’s YouTube Channel – and Ministry of External Affairs website

View the latest tenders

Tender for Computers

Download Last date: 10.06.2014

Tender for UPS for servers

Download Last date: 07.05.2014

Tender for X Ray Machine

Download Last date: 08.05.2014

Tender for CC TVs

Download Last date: 08.05.2014


Know India Programme 2014-2015

The Ministry of Overseas Indian Affairs (MOIA) is planning to conduct the 28th and 29th editions of the ‘Know India Programme (KIP),’ for the year 2014-15. Jammu & Kashmir and Himachal Pradesh are the partner states for these two editions. The KIP is a 3-week orientation programme for diaspora youth conducted with a view to promote awareness on different facets of life in India and the progress made by the country in various fields e.g. economic, industrial, education, Science & Technology, Communication & Information Technology, culture.

The content of the programme broadly includes the following:

a. Presentations on the country, political process, developments in various sectors,
b. Interaction with faculty and students at a prestigious University/College/Institute,
c. Presentation on the industrial development and visits to some Industries,
d. Visit to a village to better understand the typical village life,
e. Exposure to Indian media,
f. Interaction with NGOs and organizations dealing with women affairs,
g. Visit to places of historical importance/Monuments,
h. Taking part in Cultural programmes,
i. Exposure to yoga,
j. Call on high dignitaries, which may include President of India, Chief Election Commissioner of India, Comptroller and Auditor General of India, and Ministers in-charge of Overseas Indian Affairs, Youth Affairs and Sports.

It may be noted that KIP is open only to People of Indian Origin (PIO) from all over the world, in the age-group of 18-26. The Applicant shall either be a graduate or a student of graduation. The Applicant shall be able to converse in English, either studied English in High School or had English as a medium of instruction in an undergraduate course. Participants of previous KIPs or Internship Programme for Diaspora Youth of the MOIA would not be considered.

The application form for KIP is available in the MOIA website link Duly filled application form with a passport size photograph and a medical fitness certificate may be deposited at the Indian Diplomatic Mission/ Consular post that covers the area of residence of the applicant. The participants would be selected based on the recommendations received from Heads of Indian Missions/Posts abroad.

List of selected participants will be communicated a month before the commencement of the programme. The selected participants would be offered full hospitality in India during the programme but they are required to purchase air ticket for their journey from the country of residence and back, as per the schedule prescribed by the Ministry. The concerned Indian Mission / Post would reimburse 90% of the total cost of air ticket (at lowest economy excursion fare), to the participants on successful completion of the programme. They will also be granted a Gratis visa by Indian Missions/ Posts. Each Participant should have medical insurance before the visa is granted to them.

If participants are found guilty of misconduct or indiscipline, they may be asked to leave the programme. Such participants and those who leave the programme on their own would have to meet the entire cost of their air travel.

Tentative dates for the  29th KIP are 29th August -18th September, 2014.

The last date for receipt of nominations in MOIA for the 29th KIP will be 10th July 2014 .

Soft copy of the filled-in applications may be sent to:

Mr. M. K Pandey
Under Secretary (DS),
Ministry of Overseas Indian Affairs,
Diaspora Services Division
Akbar Bhavan, Chankyapuri,
New Delhi, 110011
Tel: (011)24197926
Fax: (011) 24197942

The application form in original may be subsequently sent to the same address by diplomatic bag/Speed post.

Details of the KIP are also are available on the link:

Invitation for Global Expression of Interest (EOI) on consultancy for ‘Parcel Network Optimization Project’, Department of Posts, Government of India

Department of Posts, Government of India invited a global Expression of Interest (EOI) on consultancy for its ‘Parcel Network Optimization Project’. Details of the project are available on the Central Public Procurement Portal of the Government of India, i.e.,

The tender id for the same is 2014_DOP_5370_1. The last date for submission of EOI applications is 7th March 2014

Mahatma Gandhi Pravasi Suraksha Yojana

Ministry of Overseas Indian Affairs has introduced a Pension and Life Insurance fund scheme called Mahatma Gandhi Pravasi Suraksha Yojana (MGPSY) for the Overseas Indian workers having Emigration Check Required (ECR) passports.

The objective of MGPSY is to encourage and enable the overseas Indian workers by giving government contribution to:

  • Save for their Return and Resettlement (R&R)
  • Save for their old age,
  • Obtain a Life Insurance cover against natural death during the period of coverage.

The government contribution available under the MGPSY is for a period of five years or till the return of subscribed worker back to India, whichever is earlier.

The main attractions of MGPSY are:

  • Government contribution of Rs.1,000 per annum in line with Swavalamban platform for all MGPSY subscriber who save between Rs.1,000 and Rs.12,000 per year in NPS-Lite.
  • An additional government contribution of Rs.1,000 per annum by MOIA for the overseas Indian women workers who save between Rs.1,000 to Rs.12,000 per year in NPS-Lite.
  • A special government contribution of Rs.900 by MOIA towards Return and Resettlement (R&R) of the overseas Indian workers who save Rs.4,000 or more per annum.

Click here for Application Form

Notification to Online Visa Applicants

It has come to this mission’s notice that a website with the heading of Online Indian Visa Application Form and with URL address is available on internet. This website claims to have expertise in Indian tourist, business and long term entry visa. The website instructions ask users to pay service fee of 55 Pounds or 90 US Dollar or in equivalent Euros/Indian Rupees. This website is only charging service fees and is asking applicants to pay visa fee later when applying at the visa center. This mission has been informed that a few applicants have turned at difference BLS International centers after filling up the online visa application on this website and having made the payment for service fee. It seems that some unscrupulous elements are creating a website similar to the Online Visa Application website of Govt. of India and are deceiving people to pay service fee. The original authentic website for online visa application has URL address Click here Applicants are advised not to make any online payments for any visa service.

President’s Address To The Nation On The Eve Of Republic Day 2014

My Fellow Citizens:

On the eve of 65th Republic Day, I extend warm greetings to all of you in India and abroad. I convey my special greetings to members of our Armed Forces, Paramilitary Forces and Internal Security Forces.

2. The Republic Day commands the respect of every Indian. On this day, sixty four years ago, in a remarkable display of idealism and courage, we the people of India gave to ourselves a sovereign democratic republic to secure all its citizens justice, liberty and equality. We undertook to promote among all citizens fraternity, the dignity of the individual and the unity of the nation. These ideals became the lodestar of the modern Indian State. Democracy became our most precious guide towards peace and regeneration from the swamp of poverty created by centuries of colonial rule. From within the spacious provisions of our Constitution, India has grown into a beautiful, vibrant, and sometimes noisy democracy. For us, the democracy is not a gift, but the fundamental right of every citizen; for those in power democracy is a sacred trust. Those who violate this trust commit sacrilege against the nation.

3. Some cynics may scoff at our commitment to democracy but our democracy has never been betrayed by the people; its fault-lines, where they exist, are the handiwork of those who have made power a gateway to greed. We do feel angry, and rightly so, when we see democratic institutions being weakened by complacency and incompetence. If we hear sometimes an anthem of despair from the street, it is because people feel that a sacred trust is being violated.

Fellow Citizens:
4. Corruption is a cancer that erodes democracy, and weakens the foundations of our state. If Indians are enraged, it is because they are witnessing corruption and waste of national resources. If governments do not remove these flaws, voters will remove governments.

5. Equally dangerous is the rise of hypocrisy in public life. Elections do not give any person the licence to flirt with illusions. Those who seek the trust of voters must promise only what is possible. Government is not a charity shop. Populist anarchy cannot be a substitute for governance. False promises lead to disillusionment, which gives birth to rage, and that rage has one legitimate target: those in power.

6. This rage will abate only when governments deliver what they were elected to deliver: social and economic progress, not at a snail’s pace, but with the speed of a racehorse. The aspirational young Indian will not forgive a betrayal of her future. Those in office must eliminate the trust deficit between them and the people. Those in politics should understand that every election comes with a warning sign: perform, or perish.

7. I am not a cynic because I know that democracy has this marvellous ability to self-correct. It is the physician that heals itself, and 2014 must become a year of healing after the fractured and contentious politics of the last few years.

My Fellow Citizens:
8. The last decade witnessed the emergence of India as one of the fastest growing economies in the world. The slowdown of our economy in the last two years can be some cause for concern but none for despair. The green shoots of revival are already visible. The agricultural growth in the first half of this year has touched 3.6 per cent and rural economy is buoyant.

9. 2014 is a precipice moment in our history. We must re-discover that sense of national purpose and patriotism, which lifts the nation above and across the abyss; and back on to the road of prosperity. Give the young jobs and they will raise the villages and cities to 21st century standards. Give them a chance and you will marvel at the India they can create.

10. This chance will not come if India does not get a stable government. This year, we will witness the 16th General Election to our Lok Sabha. A fractured government, hostage to whimsical opportunists, is always an unhappy eventuality. In 2014, it could be catastrophic. Each one of us is a voter; each one of us has a deep responsibility; we cannot let India down. It is time for introspection and action.

11. India is not just a geography: it is also a history of ideas,
philosophy, intellect, industrial genius, craft, innovation,
and experience. The promise of India has sometimes been mislaid by misfortune; at other times by our own complacence and weakness. Destiny has given us another opportunity to recover what we have lost; we will have no one to blame but ourselves if we falter.

Fellow Citizens:
12. A democratic nation is always involved in argument with itself. This is welcome, for we solve problems through discussion and consent, not force. But healthy differences of opinion must not lead to an unhealthy strife within our polity. Passions are rising over whether we should have smaller states to extend equitable development to all parts of a state. A debate is legitimate but it should conform to democratic norms. The politics of divide and rule has extracted a heavy price on our subcontinent. If we do not work together, nothing ever will work.

13. India must find its own solutions to its problems. We must be open to all knowledge; to do otherwise would be to condemn our nation to the misery of a stagnant mire. But we should not indulge in the easy option of mindless imitation, for that can lead us to a garden of weeds. India has the intellectual prowess, the human resource and financial capital to shape a glorious future. We possess a dynamic civil society with an innovative mindset. Our people, whether in villages or cities, share a vibrant, unique consciousness and culture. Our finest assets are human.

Fellow Citizens:
14. Education has been an inseparable part of the Indian experience. I am not talking only of the ancient institutions of excellence like Takshashila or Nalanda, but of an age as recent as the 17th and 18th centuries. Today, our higher educational infrastructure consists of over 650 universities and 33,000 colleges. The quality of education has to be the focus of our attention now. We can be world leaders in education, if only we discover the will and leadership to take us to that pinnacle. Education is no longer just the privilege of the elite, but a universal right. It is the seed of a nation’s destiny. We must usher in an education revolution that becomes a launching pad for the national resurgence.

15. I am being neither immodest, nor beating a false drum, when I claim that India can become an example to the world. Because, the human mind flourishes best when it is, as the great sage Rabindranath Tagore said, free from fear; when it has the liberty to roam into spheres unknown; in search of wisdom; and when the people have the fundamental right to propose as well as oppose.

My Fellow Citizens:
16. There will be a new government before I speak to you again on the eve of our Independence Day. Who wins the coming election is less important than the fact that whosoever wins must have an undiluted commitment to stability, honesty, and the development of India. Our problems will not disappear overnight. We live in a turbulent part of the world where factors of instability have grown in the recent past. Communal forces and terrorists will still seek to destabilize the harmony of our people and the integrity of our state but they will never win. Our security and armed forces, backed by the steel of popular support, have proved that they can crush an enemy within; with as much felicity as they guard our frontiers. Mavericks who question the integrity of our armed services are irresponsible and should find no place in public life.

17. India’s true strength lies in her Republic; in the courage of her commitment, the sagacity of her Constitution, and the patriotism of her people. 1950 saw the birth of our Republic. I am sure that 2014 will be the year of resurgence.

Jai Hind!

Notification for all non-Machine Readable Passport holders

The International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO) has set a deadline of the 24th November 2015 for globally phasing out all non-Machine Readable Passports (MRPs). From 25th November 2015 onwards, foreign Governments may deny visa or entry to any person travelling with a non-MRP passport.

2. All handwritten passports with pasted photos earlier issued by Government of India are considered non-MRP passports. All 20year validity passports will also fall in this category. The Government started issuing MRP passports since 2001. All new Indian passports are ICAO-complaint MRP passports.

3. Indian citizens residing in India and abroad and holding handwritten passports as well as 20-year passports with validity beyond the 24th November 2015, should, therefore, apply for re-issue of passports and obtain MRP passports well before the deadline in order to avoid any inconvenience in obtaining foreign visa or immigration problem.

4. For more details related to passport services, Passport website ( or the National Call Centre (toll free number 1800-258-1800) may be accessed.

Pravasi Bharatiya Divas – 2014

The 12th Pravasi Bhartiya Divas (PBD) with the theme “Engaging Diaspora: Connecting Across Generations” is scheduled to be held at Vigyan Bhawan, New Delhi from 7-9 January, 2014. It is hosted by the Ministry of Overseas Indian Affairs in partnership with the Ministry of Youth Affairs & Sports.
The objectives for PBD – 2014 are as listed below:

• To strengthen Diaspora’s engagement with India’s growth story and provide an invigorating platform to network and exchange views and perspectives

• To enhance linkages and synergies for Diaspora across the spectrum: economic, social and cultural

• To foster Diaspora innovations and strides in science and technology

• To deepen engagement with young Diaspora and facilitate new perspectives

• To recognize Diaspora’s contribution to the Indian growth and development

The program schedule and registration details are available at Click here

Holiday Announcement

Consulate General of India, Dubai will remain closed on November 3, 2013 on account of Diwali. IVS Global will also remain closed on November 3, 2013. BLS International will remain closed on November 2, 2013 and resume work on November 3, 2013.

Know India Programme 2013-2014

The Ministry of Overseas Indian Affairs (MOIA) is planning to conduct the 26th edition of the ‘Know India Programme (KIP),’ for the year 2013-14. Orissa is the partner state for this edition. The KIP is a 3 week orientation programme for diaspora youth to promote awareness on different facets of life in India and the progress made by the country in various fields. The programme broadly includes the following:
• Call on high dignitaries, which may include President of India, Chief Election Commissioner of India, Comptroller and Auditor General of India, Ministers in-charge of Overseas Indian Affairs, Youth Affairs and Sports.
• Presentations on the country, political process, developments in various sectors.
• Interaction with faculty and students at a prestigious University/College/Institute.
• Presentation on the industrial development and visits to some industries.
• Interaction with NGOs and organizations dealing with women affairs.
• Visit to a village to better understand a typical village life.
• Visit to places of historical importance/monuments.
• Taking part in Cultural programmes.
• Exposure to Indian media.
• Exposure to yoga.
Tentative dates of the programme is given below:
KIP Edition Tentative Dates Partner State Last date for receipt of nominations in MOIA
26th KIP December 23, 2013-January 12, 2014 Orissa October 30, 2013

The following may be noted in this regard:
i. This programme is open only for diaspora youth in the age group of 18-26. NRIs are not eligible to apply for this programme.
ii. It is open to PIOs from all over the world.
iii. Only those nominations may be forwarded to the Ministry which are in accordance with the prescribed guidelines.
iv. Nominations are required to be duly recommended by Head of Mission/Head of Post at the given column in the application form.
v. Nominations may be sent by e-mail or fax by the prescribed last date and the originals could be followed by bag/post. Nominations received in the Ministry after the prescribed last date would not be considered.
vi. List of applicants who have been selected for a particular Know India Programme would be communicated at least a month before its commencement.
vii. Selected participants would be required to purchase air ticket for their journey from the country of residence to India and back, as per the schedule prescribed by the Ministry. Concerned Indian Missions/Post would reimburse 90% (ninety percent) of the total cost of air ticket (at lowest economy excursion fare) to the participants on successful completion of the programme by them. They will also be granted a Gratis visa by Indian Missions/ Posts. Each Participant should have medical insurance before the visa is granted to them. If participants are found guilty of misconduct or indiscipline, they may be asked to leave the programme. Such participants and those who leave the programme on their own would have to meet the entire cost of their air travel.
The application form for KIP is available on the MOIA website link Duly filled application form with a passport size photograph and a medical fitness certificate may be deposited at the Indian Diplomatic Mission/ Consular post that covers the area of residence of the applicant. Participants would be selected based on the recommendations received from Heads of Indian Missions/Posts abroad. Applications for KIPs may be sent to:
Under Secretary (DS-1),
Ministry of Overseas Indian Affairs,
Akbar Bhavan,
New Delhi, 110011
Fax: (011) 24197926/27
The application form in original may be subsequently posted to the same address.
Details of the KIP are also available on the link:

Helpline numbers

Renovation work at the Consulate may temporarily disrupt our helpline numbers listed on the Consulate website for couple of weeks.

Enquiries on passport, visa, labour and consular issues may kindly be forwarded to us by email addresses listed below:

Passport Section:,
Visa Section:,
Labour Section:,

Notification from the Election Commission of India

India Trade Promotion Organisation’s Calendar of Events 2013-14

Change in timings of Attestation Services

The attestation services of the Consulate General of India, Dubai at IVS Global Services Private Limited located at the Business Atrium, No. 201 – 202, 2nd Floor, Oud Mehta, Dubai has revised their timings from 8 AM to 3 PM from Sunday to Thursday.